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SVI Consulting, LLC was formed in 2020 with the single minded focus on helping companies be "the best versions of themselves" by driving "Value Based Innovation". With over a decade of experience in coaching teams and organizations transform into more efficient, productive and driven entities, Shreyas Iyer, formed the SVI Consulting, LLC to build and focus his expertise around this goal.


Vision Statement

To help, train and support organizations and individuals in driving Value through Innovation

We help organizations achieve this through a variety of processes, systems and training that aids innovation, removes roadblocks and aligns teams to achieve organizational and project goals faster, cheaper and with maximum agreement between all stakeholders. 

Meeting in progress at a chic office
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Founder and Principal Innovation Coach

Shreyas Iyer has over a decade and a half experience working on various technology areas. Shreyas has a unique ability to look for congruencies in different domains and bring them together to establish new innovative products. This ability coupled with his decade long experience working with teams on establishing new and efficient processes gives him a broad perspective to help teams approach new ideas and problems from multiple angles.


Since 2018, Shreyas has been working with teams using design thinking and Google Ventures Design Sprints to bring to life new innovations in processes, hardware, software and UI/UX. Using a unique blend of experience in design thinking, Agile frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, XP etc.), SAFe and his wide knowledge in Systems thinking and Systems design, Shreyas is able to efficiently lead teams to distill their broad ideas into clear, actionable actions that are aligned with management vision.

Shreyas has developed a unique blend of systems and processes from his broad experience that will help your team surpass and conquer any challenge they are currently facing!

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