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SVI Consulting, LLC helped the Neonatal Therapy Certification Board (NTCB) understand it's priorities and set a Vision and multiple Missions for the future in the midst of an ongoing leadership change. This was accomplished within the span of a few hours of time spread out over a couple of weeks which was critical for board members that are volunteering their time and are overwhelmed by a lot of work on their plate. 


When Dr. Agarwal found himself thinking over and over again about a course he wanted to create with no visible direction forward, he worked with SVI Consulting, LLC. In a 2 hour event, we were able to converge on a winning idea from a range of ideas and lay concrete next steps and actions to get the project kicked off and started.


The Devic Earth team had multiple priorities and pressures that they needed to work on immediately. SVI Consulting, LLC was brought in to lead a workshop to help the teams prioritize disparate directions and to help align the research, sales and operation teams towards a common goal and vision. In a few hours we were able to arrive at a clear direction, next steps, ground taken and great positive energy among the team and team members.


"Shreyas joined our team to drive culture change (velocity and innovation) through leading Design Sprints across the 4500 engineers of Electronic Systems. He specifically brought a software and tool developer's skillset as well as really excellent coaching/training skills... successfully leading more than 20 teams through 4 day ideation->creation->validation cycles. Many of the Design Sprints he facilitated focused on challenges related to reapplication of existing avionics and tool technology to adjacent markets and opportunities. Shreyas showed unique skill around the learning process both as a mentor of participants and junior facilitators but also as a willing experimenter and keen observer, bringing best practices back to our whole team, improving our operating system and planning and communications methods."

Acting Director, Honeywell Aerospace

Darren Cummings

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