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Transform to perform

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Innovation isn't just a buzzword, it's a mindset that drives progress and inspires change. We are driven to help teams adopt an innovative mindset so they develop the most human-centric products and processes, in the fastest time possible with minimal spending to accelerate revenue and sales.

 From the get go, we help establish a clear Vision and Mission, help make critical decisions to prioritize business value and chart a clear path forward, avoiding countless hours of discussions and meetings.

We help bring vague ideas and concepts to reality, reduce the risk involved in innovating, increase collaboration between teams and lay out a clear direction for the short-term and long-term path forward, while training your teams to develop an innovative mindset so you can continue the progress and transformation from within.


Strategic Innovation


Product Growth Strategy Experiments

Are you developing a roadmap for next year and have multiple options to proceed?

Let us help you validate solutions and create a strategy to proceed into the next year/quarter/month with a clear direction on the way forward. 


New Product and Process Innovation

Do you have an idea or a concept that has been in brainstorming phase forever?

Let us help you clarify your problem statement, collate different ideas and prototype the best solution, bringing your ideas to life quickly and efficiently.


Business Model Innovation

Are you looking to develop a product or service in an adjacent market but unsure if it will work?

Let us help you explore multiple options through facilitated conversations and converge into a solution/s that can be integrated into your existing product lines.

Alignment and Growth


Agile Transformations

Are your teams constantly at odds with each other and unable to align? Are you looking for a smoother, more efficient process to execute?

Let us analyze your current goals and help you make adjustments to help your teams be more efficient and aligned.


Program Management

Are you a company / entrepreneur that needs help managing your projects? Need to kick start a project but don't know how?

Let us help you create a well-defined project plan that your teams can work with or hire us to manage your projects start-to-finish


Technical Consulting

Unable to communicate ideas to your development teams? Having trouble communicating or managing product requirements? Need help connecting disparate technologies? 

Let us take a look at your problems and suggest elegant solutions to take your product to the next level 


"Shreyas joined our team to drive culture change (velocity and innovation) through leading Design Sprints across the 4500 engineers of Electronic Systems. He specifically brought a software and tool developer's skillset as well as really excellent coaching/training skills... successfully leading more than 20 teams through 4 day ideation->creation->validation cycles. Many of the Design Sprints he facilitated focused on challenges related to reapplication of existing avionics and tool technology to adjacent markets and opportunities. Shreyas showed unique skill around the learning process both as a mentor of participants and junior facilitators but also as a willing experimenter and keen observer, bringing best practices back to our whole team, improving our operating system and planning and communications methods."

Acting Director, Honeywell Aerospace

Darren Cummings

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